Current Litters

Planned Breeding with Hakuna Matata and Peaches beginning of “2018”. Now accepting Deposits!😃

CALL US TODAY 253-861-3643

Click here for 🌟Puppy Questionnaire🌟




7 thoughts on “Current Litters

  1. Hi Im Shaun and I work Security part time at Bristol and I am very intrested in future puppies. It looks as if there isnt anything available right now but I would love to speak with somebody and get more information on pricing etc. Please get back with me at your earliest convience please.


  2. Interested in a female puppy this year. We spoke last year at length. I will call later today or tomorrow .

    Thank you for your time


  3. My family and I are very interested in your beautiful dogs! We have looking for years! The pictures of them in the snow are so precious. We are wondering when the puppies would be available and the cost?
    Thanks Melissa


  4. I have been in love with this breed since the first time I came across it.
    This is the perfect companion that I have been looking for in a pet dog.
    I’d love to purchase a male in 2018!


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