Copperhead Scarboro


Owners: Copperhead Boerboels

Breeders: Copperhead Boerboels (Allen Davis)

hips: 0-0

elbows: 0-1

Born: 1/6/2008

SABT: 91.6

BI: 91.2

* Frozen Semen on reserve

Scarboro is a very stocky male with a very large head and massive bone.  He is a son of Big Mack 93% and Phynix 80%.  Born January 6th 2008.  He has produced some extremely nice offspring and we will be using him again in our breeding program.


K-HubKennels Big Mac

Proffer Amani Murphy
Waaksaam Woerman
Basson Luna
Proffer Rain
Basson Dillinger
Proffer Adanna (Baby)
Cherokee Phynix
Bellbusk Mufassa (Fuss)
Bellbusk Bullebak
Basson Zerenka
Proffer Naja
Waaksaam Woerman
Basson Molly



One thought on “Copperhead Scarboro

  1. Very beautiful animal, would love to have him cruise with me in my truck. Maybe after retirement would hate to rob him of the attention that he deserves.


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