Copperhead Kya


Owners: Evergreen Boerboels

Breeders: Copperhead Boerboels

hips: OFA Good

elbows: OFA Normal

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Born: July 27, 2012

SABT: 84.2 (13 months old)

NABBA: 87.7 (26 months old)

AKC Registered

Kya is a well rounded outgoing member of our family. At about 25 inches tall she weighs in at over 120 lbs, this is from her large bone structure and muscular build. She has a great temperament and one of the most well rounded personalities you will see in a boerboel. When she is with family, friends and kids all she wants to do is cuddle and shows lots of affection. However she has very good protective instincts towards our family, home and property. Kya’s sweet attitude can be fooling but she is ever alert to her surroundings, showing what a true guardian dog should be.
With the SABT appraisal score of 84.2, at just 13 months of age, we see great potential in our girl. Her great quality makes her a stunning addition to our breeding program. On 6/21/14 she had a litter of 11 (6. boys 5 girls). Kya is mother of upcoming stud Hakuna Matata .


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