Evergreen Boerboels is a partnership between

Sean Rice

Sean Rice is Co-owner of Evergreen Boerboels. His main focus is to Breed exceptional quality boerboels that meet NABBA and SABT breed standards. He has been too and participated in SABT appraisals and has a fair understanding on what it represents. Sean has attended Shawn Anasha’s training and breeding course in September of 2013 where he learned the qualities, personalities, and traits for breeding supreme show and family quality boerboels. He continues to study and gather more information from other breeders so that he can produce the best personalities and traits for the puppies he is going to be offering.
Sean attended college at Abilene Christian University. He started working for the Boeing Company in 2006. He is a very dedicated to his family and career. Sean was introduced to the Boerboel breed in 2007 by Ralph Howard. Sean and his son began to interact with Ralph’s male boerboel. He loved how gentle and loyal this dog was around his son and people that the dog felt comfortable around. He did more research on the breed and fell in love with the physical appearance and most importantly the temperament that this breed has to offer, loyal, protective but not aggressive. In October of 2012 he expanded his family by adding Kya. Sean was so taken by her and what she had to offer to his family that he dedicates a lot of time and effort into gathering all the knowledge he can about this breed. Sean is looking forward to bettering this breed and placing “Evergreen” puppies with great families and breeders that are just as passionate about Boerboel’s as he is.

Ralph N Howard

Ralph Howard’s breeding experience started back in the late eighties. He bred American Staffordshire Terriers. Ralph appreciated the breeds loyal qualities, but the temperament towards other animals was amiss for his needs. In the nineties he spent time with a Schutzhund Club learning how to train dogs in protection, tracking and obedience. That time in the club helped him to define what he felt would be the qualities of the ultimate companion slash family guardian.
While previous breeds that he had worked with had strong suits , Ralph did not feel the dogs had all the attributes he was looking for. Ralph began looking for a large confident intimidating dog in stature with a mellow temperament. Believe it or not that is a lot to ask for by itself. He started with the English mastiff and looked at studying throughout the different mastiff breeds. That is when he came across the Boerboel Breed and WOW it was like the dog was being put into existence around what he thought would be the perfect dog. The structure of the dog along with size was what he was looking for and the temperament sealed the deal. Ralph relaxes in the comfort of knowing that if he ever feels threatened his companion will be watching and in tuned with him. After ten years of studying everything he could find out on the Boerboel breed and attending varies SABT appraisals he was able to purchase his first pup. Since then he has taken a Boerboel breeders course along with supplemental training for larger breeds. He continues to learn all he can about the bred through networking and any additional information he can find out in the BB community.
Ralph’s mission is to breed healthy companion protectors with impeccable temperament to the Boerboel standard.



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